Madrasa contains the programme to provide proper facilities to students. So many requirements are before Madrasa to fulfil it at present.

  1. Computerised order of books in the library.
  2. More rooms are needed in the building of the hostel.
  3. The construction of a big hall in the mosque.
  4. The construction of a new building for Madrasa from almost two crore rupees at Makhdoompur.
  5. Well furnished guest house with all facilities for guests.
  6. Science Laboratory.
  7. Computer Lab.
  8. Study Room.
  9. A big water tank.
  10. The filter facility of clean drinking water for students.
  11. Prescribed books in the library.
  12. Residential Quarters for teachers.

Generous people can fulfil any one of these requirements. Many generous people can fulfil one requirement.