About Us

Brief Introduction, History and Establishment

Madrasa Siraj-ul-uloom is one of the oldest and famous institutions of Sambhal (U.P.) India. Mr. respected Abu Ishaque Abul Aja'ib Shah Muhd. Hilali who came to India from Kunan established this institution in that age when the country was involved in misleading in the name of Deen-e-Ilahi under Govt. It busied in the publication as an Arabic Islamic Education and remained the strong fort as the defence of Islamic laws. Mr. Shamsul Ula'ma Moulana Khaleel Ahmad Israeli, the professor of theology faculty of Mohammadan Arabic College, Aligarh (Aligarh Muslim University) established it in 1902, which, praise be to God, busied as the defence of Islamic Dominance and education from that day.

It is the quality of this institution affiliated to Govt. that its responsible people retained its cherished dream for the all-round progress and education. It maintained its old traditions so far and is a great centre of all-round progress and educational efforts. Its main goal is to provide Islamic education to the young generation and to develop their mental power to be able in Islamic education, Tafseer, Hadith and Fiqah. It is also recognised by Dar-ul-uloom Deoband and every year the students of modern Arabic faculty are sent to Nadwa University after gaining education upto Alia Saania (Mishkaat). It advocates Mr. respected Sir Sayyad's educational system is attached to Aligarh organisation. So Aligarh Muslim University acknowledged it as Distance Education Centre for M.A., M.Com. Here students take exams for recognized classes in a large number. Last year, it commenced the educational faculty for girls in the faculty of Modern Arablic language with the permission of Dar-ul-uloom Nadwat-ul-ula'ma and Jam-e-tus' salehaat.

It was inaugurated by the holy hands of Mr. respected Khateeb-ul-Islam Moulana Muhd. Salim, the manager of Dar-ul-uloom Waqf. In these circumstances , the Incharge of it has proposed the educational syllabus that fulfils all educational requirements of competent people easily.

Madrasa Islamia Arabic Siraj-ul-uloom, Sambhal is a unique institution of Islamic Education that is performing all-round educational services. Due to above mentioned qualities, it is ideal in the country.


Praise be to Allah, there is Dar-ul-Ifta at Madrasa which guides people who came from different directions. At Madrasa there is a committee named 'Tanzeem Islahe Bahmi-o-Qayam-e-Amn settles disputes according to Islamic Laws.

Al Islam Trust

Madrasa is unique for this purpose that there is a charitable department named Al Islam in which almost 100 poor and needy widows are helped every month with the amount ..................

Its Aims

  1. To cultivate the feelings of firm faith, noble deeds, the inspirations for impartiality and patience in students.
  2. To cultivate the skill of Arabic language in students so that they may be skilful in the Quran and Hadith directly with broad-mindedness and confidence.
  3. To cultivate such noble preachers who can introduce Islam efficiently and impartially in modern age.
  4. To teach them how to respect Islamically and to train present generation under Islamic Laws.
  5. To train and remove doubts and problems of the minds who are impressed by western culture efficiently and satisfactorily.