Modest Appeal

Madrasa Islamia Arabia Siraj-ul-uloom Hilali Sarai, Sambhal is an Islamic institution established on the foundations of old institution, Maktab Shah Hilali of Abu Is'haque, Abul Aja'ib Shaikh Muhd. Hilali. It was established by Shamsul Ula'ma Mr. respected Moulana Khaleel Ahmad Israeli in 1321 Hijri. Praise be to God, the Madrasa is busy in preaching and defence of Islamic education under the guardianship of well-known and certified Islamic clerics of India. With its basic characteristics, the responsible people of Madrasa contains the feelings of educational requirements of Islam from the first day in the country. So, there is an efficient management of all educations at Madrasa. It is affiliated to Dar-ul-uloom Deoband. It is also the branch of Darul uloom Nadwatul Ula'ma and conducts the centre for Distance Education of Aligarh Muslim University with the Shoba-e-Niswan. Thus the educational system of Madrasa has become multi-dimensional. The well-wishers who wish to cherish the dream for the upliftment of education are requested very politely to contribute Madrasa more and more with the familiarity of its all programmes . May Allah bless you for this constant charity.

Respected Moulana Rashid Qasmi (Manager) Respected Moulana Muhd. Miyan Qasmi (Principal)
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