1. Minimum two exams will be held - half yearly and Annual in an educational period.
  2. Half yearly exams are generally held in Rabiul Avval and Annual exams will be held before 15th shavval.
  3. Board exams will be held in accordance with Board's schedule.
  4. All annual exams of all Arabic, Hifz-o-Nazra are compulsory to be completed upto 20th Shavval.
  5. All exams will be held by the examiners, whether they are internal or external, appointed by the in-charge of Madrasa.
  6. Student's appearance in half-yearly exam is compulsory. No permission will be given to appear in Annual Examination without it. The schedule of exams can be changed by the principal or manager.
  7. The following statement of attendance is compulsory to appear in Annual exams -
    Atfal : 60%,
    Avval ta Panjum (from Ist to Vth) : 60%
    Shashum ta Hashtum (from VIth to VIIIth) : 75%
    All Arabic classes : 75%, Hifz-o-Nazra : 60%
  8. The principal or the manager of Madrasa contains the authority for concession in aforesaid average attendance on the base of medical certificate.
  9. If any student passed (qualified) half yearly exams and could not appear in annual exams due to any proper problem, to qualify improvement exams are compulsory for him (in July). This concession is only in first year / in two years' syllabus.
  10. The declaration of the results of exams is compulsory wihtin fifteen days. Board exams are different from it.