About Classes

Educational Phases

1st Shift Duration six years Atfaal ta Panjum From 1st to 5th All subjects taught in school in Urdu, besides Hindi, Arabic, English and The Quraan Nazra
2nd Shift Duration three years Shashum ta Hashtum From 6th to 8th All subjects of junior classes, GK, Urdu literature, Seerat-e-nabi, Islamic history, Fiqah, Quranic education and computer.
3rd Shift(A) Duration six years Faculty of Modern Arabic language Arabi Awwal ta Arabi Shashum From 1st to 6th Quraan, Hadith, Fiqah, Arabic literature. Qawa’id, Blaghat and Insha, Islamic History, Ilme Madniyat, Urdu literature, English , GK and computer (according to the syllabus of Nadwat-ul-Ulama.
3rd Shift(B) Duration six years Munshi/Maulvi Awwal ta Fazil Dom Quraan, Hadith, Fiqah, The principles of fiqah Arabic literature, Insha, Mantiq, Hindi, Tib and English(according to the syllabus of govt.
One year Course (Khusoosi)(Specific Course) The preparation for Persian Arabic language to seek admission in Munshi and Molvi for the students who passed 8th class from other schools or equivalent to it. It is for those who are unfamiliar with Arabic language.

Quranic education with efficient(Tajweed) phonic rules is imparted. There is a proper arrangement of Hifz classes. Local and abroad students(not below ten years) are admitted to Nazra classes, The students (not below five years) are admitted.