The managing committee of Madrasa is registered and comprises well-known Islamic clerics of the country. Minimum number of the members of committee should be eight compulsorily. Committee comprises a president, a manager and a treasurer. The rest members are known as Arakeen-e-shora.

The manager of Madrasa Mr. Moulana Muhd. Rashid is the caliph of Mr. Abrar-ul-haque, of Hardoi. They have a very respectful status among Islamic scholars. Mr. Moulana Muhd. Rashid is the General Secretary of Alabrar Foundation, New Delhi. This institution is performing very admirable services of Islamic schools and Islamic community throughout the country.

The principal, in-charge Mr. respected Moulana Muhd. Miyan Qasmi, the caliph appointed by Mr. respected Moulana, Islamic orator Muhd. Saalim is also the vice president of Alabrar Foundation, New Delhi. He belongs to Shah Hilali family. He devoted his life to the construction, progress and development of Madrasa. He is also busy in many theological and educational services as well.

The education manager of Madrasa, Mr. respected Moulana Arif is the elder son of Mr. respected Muhd. Ismaeel, Shaikhul Hadith, the vice manager of Madrasa Islamic Jama Masjid. He is a very laborious person. He performs theThe procedure of Admission

Admission forms are available at the office of Madrasa. Filled up forms should be submitted with the photocopies of present educational certificates,the residence certificate and identity cards. Test date will be declared at the time of the submission of the form. A particular form will be filled up for the allotment of hostel. The manager and the in-charge can allow to stay in hostel. No one is allowed to stay in the hostel without permission.

For the allotment of the hostel, the age limit is minimum 10 years. No ill child is admitted. Character must be certified by any famous Islamic cleric for the allotment of the hostel.