Great Personalities

respected Shaikh Abul Ishaque

Mr. Shaikh Abul Ishaque, Abul Aja'ib Shah Muhd. Hilali (P.B.U.H.) . Mr. Shah Hilali came to India from Kunan (Shaam). He came to India in the era when Akbar Shah's Deen-e-Ilahi was spreading in the country as a great misguiding persuasiveness. He was a very pious scholar, the master of Arabic language, poet, preacher and defender of Islam. He spent his life at Fatehpur Sikri, in Delhi and at Sambhal in the final stage after reaching to India. His grave is in the graveyard attached to Madrasa. Abu Haneef Hind Malikul Ula'ma Shaikh Hatim Israeli was the teacher of Abdul Qadir Badauni, who wrote the historical book Muntakhabat Tawareekh . Mr. Shaikh Hatim's narration 'In Tazkira Ula'ma-e-Hind written by Moulvi Rehman Ali and he is also mentioned in Nuzhat-ul-Khawatir by Moulvi Hayee and 'Sambhal Ke Jayyid Akabir Ula'ma written by Sa'adat Ali Siddiqui.

Shamsul Ula'ma respected Moulana Khaleel Ahmad Israeli

Mr. Shah Hilali's family is busy in Islamic education in India for last four hundred and half years. Mr. Moulana Khaleed Ahmad Israeli was its brilliant son. He was the supporter of Sir Sayyad Ahmad Khan, the founder of A.M.U. and in the era when Indian Islamic clerics were not satisfied with the educational movement of Sir Sayyad, Mr. respected Moulana Siraj Ahmad Israeli accompanied his brilliant son, Mr. Moulana Khaleel Ahmad Israeli with Sir Sayyad. Mr. Moulana Khaleel Ahmad was blessed with the title of Shamsul- Ula'ma (the sun among clerics). He wrote different kinds of books. Hujjat-ul-lahilbaligha's Urdu translation which is the first translation among his books. His grave is in Aligarh.

Moulana Sayeed Ahmad

Mr. Moulana Sayeed Ahmad, the teacher of Mr. Moulana Manzoor Nomani was the son of Moulana Khaleel Ahmad. He is among the most pious people and saints. He is one of those friends of Allah, who rely on God. He did not manage any thing for future for him like Mr. respected Abuzar Ghaffari. Even today city people accept his intimacy to God. He took his last breath in 1954. He was buried in the graveyard of Shah Hilali, Sambhal.

Moulana Habeeb Ahmad

Mr. Moulana Habeeb Ahmad was the teacher like brilliant religious servants as Ustaad Tafseer Nadwat-ul-ula'ma (explainer of the Quran) Mr. Moulana Burhannudin Sambhali, Mufti Asad Qasmi, the manager of Dar-ul-uloom, Shah Wali Ullah (Moradabad). He loved the Quran endlessly. History bears no such example that he offered 84 Mehrabain constantly in Taravi in the month of Ramadan. He recited the whole Quran by sitting in Nawafil when he was 98 years old, one year ago before his death. He penned many books and articles such as 'Islami Hukumat Ka Khaka.' He explained the Quran throughout his life among people. He recited the verse of the Quran - 'Innallaha lazu Fazlin Azeem' at the time of his death. He took his last breath on 12 Rabi-ul-avval in 1419 hijri. His grave is in the graveyard of Shah Hilali, Sambhal.

respected Moulana Asad Israeli

Mr. respected Moulana Habeeb Ahmad's the elder son Mr. respected Moulana Asad Israeli was a great orator, the poet of Urdu, great author and had a good command over Arabic language. Even today he is well-known throughout the country as a great cleric and the explainer of the Quran. He provided competent knowledge of Islam. Besides being the writer of more than twelve books, his translation and explanation of the Quran are available as lectures.

His significant books are -'Deen Aur Daawat', 'Shub'haat Aur Haqa'iq', Islam ke Ai'li Qawaneen', 'God SE GOR TAK, and besides them so many books have been published. He took his last breath on 8th May, 2005, due to heart attack. His grave is also in the graveyard of Shah Hilali, Sambhal.

respected Moulana Burhanuddin Sambhli

Mr. respected Moulana Burhanuddin Sambhli is the teacher as an explainer of the Quran Nadwat-ul-ula'ma Lucknow, the member of Muslim Personal Law Board and the member of 'Rabta-e-Alam-e-Islami' as well as a student of the Madrasa. He is also the member of managing committee. He is the author of dozens of books as well as the guardian of so many institutions as a well-known personality. His personality contains no requirement of introduction. It is worth mentioning that he feels proud as the member of managing committee. Great personalities of madrasa has a great love and intimacy to Madrasa.

Besides these great personalities, Madrasa contains the guardianship of many Islamic scholars such as Mr. Moulana Salim, the manager of Dar-ul-uloom (Waqf-Deoband) Mr. Moulana Abdus Salam Shaikh-ul-Hadith, Madrasa Shahi Moradabad, Mr. Moulana Abdul Khaliq nominated for 'Rabta-e-Alam-e-Islami' Makka Mukarrama and Mr. Moulana Masroor Ahmad, the teacher of Madrasa Delhi Aminia and Qazi Delhi